Cottage, built in 1920
Tarasivka village, Kyiv region.

Total area:
120 m.

Residence time:
All year round.
Types of work performed:
- painting of window frames, doors, walls, ceilings;
- partial gluing of wall-paper;
- art painting;
- restoration of some decor elements;
- aging of the floor.
- restoration of existing furniture;
- purchase of vintage and second-hand.

four weeks.
The house is old, without repair, a lot
of work, deadlines are short, resources are limited. But inspiration - at least add. Shall we start?
Floor, walls and ceilings
Replacing the floor is a very expensive and time consuming process, so we decided to abandon this idea. Instead, they decided to age the floor by applying paint in several layers, covering it with varnish. This method makes it possible to preserve the Scandinavian style and the effect of antiquity even in the case of peeling or mashing.
To make the floor look neat and stylish in the general context, we whitewashed the ceiling. Tapes of white wallpaper were glued on the walls elsewhere - this helped to stretch the space and add air.
We painted the walls in very bold colors - rich emerald, blue. Therefore, for doors, slopes and window frames, they chose white, which balanced everything very well. In general, the white color here solved many issues - gave cleanliness, space, a feeling of freshness and worked great in contrast to the elements applied to the walls.
Bathroom and kitchen
Dismantling an old tile in the bathroom could take too much time and effort. Therefore, we also decided to abandon this idea. The tile was carefully checked - it held up perfectly. We covered it with concrete contact, and on top - water-based paint. In some places they added the effect of antiquity, and then applied artistic painting.

We covered the bathroom with a special enamel coating. The same was done with the kitchen sink.

We attached a tile with grout to the old kitchen countertop with a special Velcro glue from a hardware store - easily and quickly turning it into a completely new surface on which you can cook with pleasure.
The old sewing machine also got its second life here. We painted it, aged it a little with gold, covered it with varnish and fastened a root canvas to its base, which can be cut to the desired size in any large construction market. And got a completely new and non-trivial desktop.

We removed the doors, which were equally skewed, from the old kitchen furniture and replaced them with textiles. Heavy curtains, which did not find a place in the new interior of the house, were perfect for this.

We bought decorative plates that decorate the walls in a regular supermarket at the lowest price and attach them to a special Velcro - they hold perfectly.
Furniture and accessories
We replaced the taps in the kitchen and bathroom, but decided to leave the furniture and give them new life. They restored and upholstered the chairs and upholstered the twenties sofa with emerald velor.

We hung starched curtains on the windows, thanks to which we got a wonderful effect of Chekhov's dacha.
Bulletin boards on the Internet with beautiful aunts who weave bright rugs, helped us choose cool accents on the floor. Petrovsky flea market, which included some of the traders of the former Hay Market, also helped with accessories. We bought a lot of utensils, some decorative elements, panels for the walls there for minimal money. The rest of the paintings you see on the walls are painted by the hostess or her family members.
As you can see, stylish, bright and prompt repairs do not always require huge costs and efforts. Sometimes, just the desire to change the space and adjust it to yourself, throws a lot of simple but effective solutions.
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