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Chain of Craft Beer Pubs Tsipa
Hutsul brewery "Tsipa"
Kvasy village, Transcarpathian region.
Implementation of interior design on the basis of the existing premises,
160 sq.m.

List of work done:
- hand-painted bar;
- manufacture of custom-made furniture according to our design;
- production of 70 ceramic lamps under the order;
- Work with potters to produce unique counters and utensils;
- manufacture of ceramic tiles to order for insertion into tables;
- painting and grouting countertops;
- floor painting;
- making stuffed plywood;
- Design of printed graphics with copyright illustrations.

The first month of work without launching a promo,
has already shown a 2 times increase in cash.
Tsypa Craft Pub – Lviv – interior design renovation
project by Kassa Design

Located: Lviv, Ukraine
Year completed: April, 2017
List of work done:
- design concept,
- construction supervision,
- construction work,
- technical documentation development,
- furniture, lamps and decorative elements made by Kassa Design,
- wall paintings.
Tsipa Craft Pub - Rakhiv - project to upgrade
the interior design studio Kassa Design

Location: Rakhiv, Ukraine.
Year of completion of the project: April, 2017.
Types of work:
- Design concept,
- Author's supervision,
- Repair work,
- Development of technical documentation,
- Manufacture of lighting fixtures and decor elements,
- Calligraphy
- Art painting.
Tsipa Beer Shop